Abstracts submission

Wersja do wydruku

Submission types

  • oral presentation
    • time: 30 min.
    • format: ppt, pptx, odp or pdf
  • communication
    • time: 15 min.
    • format: ppt, pptx, odp or pdf
  • flash oral presentation
    • time: 5 min.
    • format: ppt, pptx, odp or pdf
  • poster 
    • format: maximum A0 (portrait orientation)

Each participant  can submit abstracts of  two presentations (only one could be oral or communication or  flash oral presentation).

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept contributions and qualify them into the oral or poster sessions.

Abstracts and presentations should be prepered in English.

Abstracts files shoul be uploaded after registration with link "Add new abstract".
Abstract templates with styles:

Abstract preparation guidelines:
  • One B5 (JIS) page.
  • Margins: top and bottom 3,5 cm; left and right 2,5 cm.
  • Font: Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Title: 12pkt.
  • Authors: 11pkt,the name of presenting author should be underline.
  • Afiliation: 11pkt, italic.
  • Main text: 11pkt, first line i 0,4 cm.
  • Figures: max. two, greyscale, 180 dpi. Figure title: 
    Fig 1. Figure title.
  • References.  Link:  [1,5]. Example: 
    [1] A. Nazwisko, M. Nazwisko, in: Surface and Colloid Science, E. Matijević (ed), vol. 14, Plenum Press, Nowy Jork, Londyn 1987, p. 301
    [2] A. Nazwisko, Langmuir, 9 (1993) 2344